Eastwick Brothers

Tom Eastwick - Director and Owner - The company was formed by the Eastwick Brothers in Johannesburg in 2003, starting as a small family business renovating and refurbishing properties.

In 2006 Eastwick Brothers relocated to the KZN Midlands and started to build small developments and homes in the ever-popular Hilton and Midlands areas.

Experience includes: building and renovating properties in Chelsea and Hyde Park - London 2001 - 2003.

Eastwick Brothers have been building quality homes since 2003 and are now recognised as a luxury, top quality home builder, providing the highest standard of design and construction.


Why choose an Eastwick Brothers Home?

We understand that a home is more than just bricks and mortar. It is somewhere we feel safe, a sanctuary to relax, entertain, bring up a family; to be yourself.

Our business depends on us creating great places to live, carefully designed and well built homes that stand the test of time.

Our homes must blend with the local setting whilst also respecting the environment and creating open green spaces for families to enjoy, supporting nature and wildlife.

“If you are going
home, the journey
is never too hard”
- Angela Wood
“A house is made of
walls and beams. A
home is built with love
and dreams”
- Unknown


We have established ourselves as a reputable, reliable and high-quality builder and developer in KZN. We aim to build outstanding, beautifully designed homes and uphold our excellent reputation in this fiercely competitive market sector.

All our properties are individually and uniquely designed by highly sort after architects, incorporating interior and exterior design features which make each home unique. The latest high-tech equipment, appliances and top-quality finishes are a winning formula which continues to attract buyers from across the country.